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World Student Advisors course finder enables you to search for a range of courses from foundation to PhD.

Here is some useful information to help you select your next level of study.

UK Foundation  – A Level are entry level 2 exit level 3.
Level 2 is WAEC, NECO, KCSE, GCSE and so on…
Level 3 is the entry qualification to the first year of a three-year UK undergraduate degree.
UK Undergraduate degree, normally three years is entry level 3 exit level 6.
Level 6 is equivalent to UK undergraduate degree level.
Top-up degree (final year) is entry level 5 exit level 6.
The most common level 5 qualification is a High National Diploma (HND).
Pre-Masters is for students qualified below level 6, pre-Masters exit is Level 6
Postgraduate Masters is entry level 6 exit level 7.
UK Masters normally have a 12 month study period.
PhD, if studied fulltime takes at least 3 years. Entry level 7 exit level 8.

You may wonder why we have gone into so much detail. It’s important to know your qualification level as this will determine you next qualification.


The next step is to select your institution or university. If you click on one of the universities, you will be sent a list of courses that meet your criteria. If you are not sure, then choose ‘Select All’


The next stage is to select your subject area.
To choose your subject area simply click on one from the list. You could click ‘Select All’ if you are not sure.


Here is an example

  1. Undergraduate
  2. Derby University Online Learning
  3. Business, Management & Law


If you would like the courses sent to you

Click ‘YES’
Fill in the form and you will be sent a list if courses.


World Student Advisors will apply on your-behalf. This service is free and WSA check all your documents and make sure that your application meets UK university standards – all enquiries to

Here is the link to the COURSE FINDER

Here is more help and advice from World Student Advisors

Today, a good education can provide a strong skill set for a better, brighter future. Businesses are more likely to take on and promote those who have the qualifications that get the results and if you want to be an entrepreneur, having the right skills improves your chances of success.

Online training courses provide the chance to learn at a pace that suits you at home and without the need to travel and be away from friends and family.

Below are 5 top tips to picking the course that’s right for you.

Be clear what you want to be an expert at

Knowing what you are good at and passionate about will help chose the right course and to be successful. The best learning institutions tailor their content or specialise in specific subject areas so that they can provide the best support and learning. If you are not sure what you want to study, ask friends and family for their feedback or contact World Student Advisors. We have a team of experts who understand the challenges you face in picking the right subject.

Understand your commitments

Studying at home instead of travelling away to a University has many great benefits. It allows you to work and earn money at the same time and you can still be with the people you love daily. These benefits can also be distractions!

Make sure you understand how many hours you can commit to online learning and how many hours you need to commit to to get the grades you want. We understand this can be a fine balancing act but being clear upfront with yourself helps mentally to prepare for the amount of work that needs to be done and helps avoid any nasty surprises!

Research the course and institutions

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what courses and what universities are great ones and enrolling on the wrong course can cost you both time and money if you need to change direction in the future. World Student Advisors works with universities to ensure they offer the highest quality education. Feel free to get in contact and take advantage of the experience we can provide.

Take a step back before you decide

Sometimes students can be too quick to enrol on a course without taking a step back to ask, ‘is this REALLY the best option?’. You aren’t buying a food or drink item at a shop so it’s ok to take a little longer just to reflect on what you want to do and what the course offers before deciding.

Once you are ready and sure it’s the right thing for you, jump in with both feet! Make that commitment and give it your best effort!

Seek help and support!

You can’t do it alone. Having the support of a teacher or advisor can help ensure you make the right decision. World Student Advisors offer free advice and can guide you in the right direction. We also offer support during the course to keep you motivated and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Once you have made the decision, we are sure you won’t regret it. Online learning will help improve your career and personal development. Online learning is the start to a better future!

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